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Intercession 14-10-12

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Our relationship with God allows us entry to the Kingdom of Heaven. Today we ask for help with the broken relationships of man so they will know God’s love.

Heavenly Father we bring before you our willingness to listen to you and be energised by our faith. Through your word we ask for guidance in our relationships as we endeavour to love our neighbour with patience & understanding.

We bring before God countries whose citizens are at war, where the relationships have disintegrated so badly that terrible atrocities have been inflicted on each other.
In silence we pray for the victims & their families of suicide bombers; one of which killed at least 15 people in Darra Adam Khel in north-west Pakistan this week.

Lord in your mercy – hear our prayer

Good relationships at work should be where employees get a fair wage for a fair days work from their employers.
We bring before God the broken relationships where the desire for prosperity have left many people unemployed in the UK as employers relocate to find cheaper work bases.
Let us also consider people in forced labour, such as those working in brick kilns & salt mines in South Asia, as their oppressors do not seek God’s grace by loving their neighbour, only their own power.
In silence we pray for these people who have been made unemployed or who are in oppressive work environments.

Lord in your mercy – hear our prayer

Today we consider the families of Spain & Greece who struggle to maintain their social and family relationships and provide for their children. Let us pray for God’s presence to be with the children & their parents as they face the social consequences of government and financial mismanagement.
In a moment of silence we hold the children of the world before God as we ask for relief from the poverty which many suffer.

Lord in your mercy – hear our prayer

Finally as part of the fellowship of this church, we consider our own relationships; we are here because we want to build on our relationship with God and each other.
In silence we seek God’s guidance to help us value and respect members of our congregation who love and honour your word.

Merciful Father
Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ

Written by Intercessor Jan Taylor

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