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Intercessions 25-05-12

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This week’s prayer reflects the theme from reading Philippians 4: 9, as I ask you to contemplate how others have put into practice what they have learnt, received, or heard from our Almighty God.

Almighty God help us put into practice what we have learnt from you; may we show love and understanding to one another as we focus on our relationship with you and your people. Let us be grateful for all you have provided us so we find contentment in our faith. Help us to hear your word so we may praise you and reveal your glory to others. And help us give thanks for your gift of Jesus’ who showed us how we should be.
Almighty God we pray for those who have heard your word and have put it into practice, such as The Street Pastors who offer a focal point to young and disenchanted youth by providing a caring and listening environment, as well as providing practical help.
Let us have a moment of silence as we pray for our visitor and other members of his team today.

Lord in your mercy 'hear our prayer'

Let us pray for those who have received from you and used their gifts be it monetary, status or influence to help others; like Bill and Melanie Gates, along with their friend Warren Buffet who have used their vast wealth to create the Gates Foundation for projects 'which will increase opportunities for people in developing countries to overcome hunger and poverty'.
Let us pray for our Queen who has served as our sovereign for 60 years as she celebrates her Diamond Jubilee this year. Her inspirational work ethic should provide an example to us all as she continues to do her duty to God and country.
Let us have a moment of silence as we consider those mentioned and anyone who you feel have used their gifts wisely.

Lord in your mercy 'hear our prayer'

Almighty God let us pray for those who have learnt from you and have used their time in a voluntary capacity to help others. This week is Christian Aid week, let us pray for those who have spent their time fundraising to help this organisation bring practical help to those in need, like the people in Sierra Leone who have been given seeds & simple farming tools to help them fed themselves.
Let us also think for a moment of those that help closer to home; for example within our church there are the PCC members, the flower arrangers and coffee makers and those involved with fundraising for the church; so let us have a moment of silence for those who have learnt something from you.

Lord in your mercy 'hear our prayer'

Almighty God; Jesus came to us and showed us what is pure; he was without sin. Let us consider how we can give thanks to the ultimate sacrifice as Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins.
Let us prayer for guidance in our journey towards God as we consider the commandment studied this week in bible home group.

Almighty God help us not to covet the belongings of others; let us remember that loving you is more important as we give thanks for what we have heard from you, received from you and learnt from you.
God in your mercy hear these prayers and grant us peace.

Merciful Father
'Accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ'

Written by Intercessor Jan Taylor

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